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Catfish Co-Star Under Fire For Sexual Misconduct Allegations

There’s nothing like a Friday night in, paired with junk food and a Catfish marathon; a couch potato’s dream that is soon to be cut short due to a temporary suspension of our favorite table turning show. Nev Schulman, creator, co-host, and code breaker of “Catfish”, has been accused of sexual misconduct towards a guest on the show. During this time period where sexual assault is becoming a more open topic in Hollywood and the fact that more victims are speaking up on it, MTV took the precautions that they felt were necessary and suspended the hit show until the investigation is over.

Schulman denies the allegations in a recent statement, “I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions but these claims are false”. Referring to Schulman as Jack, past guest on the show Ayisha Morgan stated that Schulman kept harassing her with questions about her sexual preference (Morgan identifies as a lesbian, and tried to convince her to have sex with him as a way to re-evaluate her preference. She also stated that “Jack” asked her to join him in his hotel room. Even though fans don’t want to believe Morgan, Schulman’s controversial past doesn’t help his cry for innocence. In 2006, the Catfish star admitted to punching a woman in the face at a dance in college which resulted in expulsion, and posted “#BlackGirlsRock I totally agree they also tend to Catfish a lot. Just sayin’.” during the BET special Black Girls Rock in 2016. There is still limited information and missing pieces to this story to decide if the allegations are true or not but the Divah Filez will keep you updated as always.


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