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McDonald's 2020 Christmas Menu

The fast-food chain revealed Thursday that, beginning Monday 12/14, it will feature famous holiday characters and their favorite menu items. For 11 days through Christmas Eve, with a minimum $1 order, McDonald's will offer up the character of the day's favorite item completely free through its app. Characters include the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and fan-favorite Frosty the Snowman whose favorite McDonalds desert is a McFlurry, the Elf Buddy who likes the best syrupy Hotcakes. Be sure to grab your free cookies from Santa on Christmas Eve.

Below is the Freebie schedule inspired by everyones Christmas fan-favorites.

The Griswolds Double Cheeseburger (Dec. 14)

The Abominable Snow Monster Big Mac (Dec. 15)

The Grinch Egg McMuffin (Dec. 16)

The John McClane McDouble (Dec. 17)

The Rudolph World Famous Fries (Dec. 18)

The Gizmo Chicken McNuggets (Dec. 19)

The Buddy the Elf Hotcakes (Dec. 20)

The Scrooge Hot or Iced Coffee (Dec. 21)

The Frosty the Snowman McFlurry (Dec. 22)

The Frank Constanza and the Rest of Us Bakery Treat (Dec. 23)

The Santa Clause Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dec. 24)

Did you download the McDonalds App to catch ALL these sweet and satisfying deals?


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