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Q Da Fool Releases New Visual: “Frozen”

George Hudnall, A.K.A the uprising DMV rapper Q Da Fool, is a Largo, Maryland native. He is very versatile when it comes to music, not only does he make fire hit songs but he also uses his music as a way to share knowledge from his experiences/past mistakes. The 23-year-old converted to Islam and started focusing all his time and energy on becoming an MC after a couple of times behind bars. Only a few years in the rap game and he’s worked with notable powerhouses like Shy Glizzy, Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, and many more. Q Da Fool said “I’m just ready to give fans that dope music, that real DMV true Q Da Fool/Rich Shootas sound that my fans grew to love. Dope Ona Spoon is going to be exactly what the title says.” Which he did deliver that dope/real DMV sound in his latest single “Frozen,” one of the first off his upcoming album, “Dope Ona Spoon.”

On September 18, 2020, the “Frozen” music video premiered on YouTube. It has since racked up hundreds of thousands of views. The Hitman-produced single is full of intense bass and lyrical keyboard notes but does not overshadow Q Da Fool’s raw and impactful bars. Beginning with “Stand on that business… or get the f**k up outta here” to “I put a lot of bodies on my soul”, “Grandmama said I'ma pay for my sins”, and ending with “F**k is a doctor? I'm making my own pints.” It is clear Q Da Fool has made some mistakes and tough decisions to succeed in life, but he speaks his truth through his music to help show others no matter your past anything is possible for your future. In the Valley Visions and Moshpxt directed and edited music video, Q Da Fool is seen living the “fast life.” He arrives at a luxurious mansion in a bright orange Lamborghini and places a glowing package on the dining room table. Throughout the video, snow falls while Q Da Fool is surrounded by women who are dressed in all white and wearing black ski masks as he roams through the house. He raps in numerous locations including on the moon, then he returns to where he placed the glowing package, but it’s gone. He immediately leaves the mansion and speeds off in his Lambo. This video is very creative and detail-oriented, it can have many different takeaways/interpretations. So you should definitely give it a watch!

With such a remarkably talented rapper gracing the rap scene with bumping yet truthful music, you should absolutely go check out his latest song “Frozen.” It is available on all musical platforms with the music video available to watch on YouTube.


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