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10 New Summer Trax

"On My Momma"

Victoria Monet

Greeting us with stylish sentiments that we've been jamming out to at every family function and beyond, Victoria Monet gives us her divalishous rendition of the classic by Chalie Boy. When you're in the mood for feeling yourself, while Charlie Boys dare you to "touch their swag," Monet dares listeners to "touch her bag" a moment she takes to revel in her self-confidence on the inside and the



Alex Mali

Coming in HOT, Alex Mali gives us a jersey

influenced track for any night out or night in.

In the same theme of self-confidence and

celebration, Mali sings of feeling petty and

plans of pulling up on someone who has

done her wrong. This beat is UNDENIABLE

and the diversity in musicality is sure to

tickle your every fancy.

"Put It On Da Floor Again"

Latto Feat. Cardi B

Back at it again, Latto dares us to

"put it on da floor".....again, this time

with Cardi B. The infamous tune that

has everyone rippin' out the plastic in

hopes of being understood for

behaving brand new, is reinforced

with a part 2 that is already ravaging

every club this summer. Lemme grab

my Walmart bag before I go out.

"You Wish"

Flyana Boss

As we set out to make this a summer

of self-confidence and sass, Flyana

Boss graces us with this track,

gloating in their badassery. The

infamous Powerpuff Girl line

remixed "I'm made of sugar spice

kanekalon and cinnamon" instantly

inciting a spirit of black pride.

"Karma (Remix)"

Taylo rSwift Feat. IceSpice

This sultry remix to Taylor's 2022 track provides a fresh edge from star on the rise, Ice Spice. A track like this illustrates karma as not only the events that follow disaster, but that in life, karma will always get the final say, in whatever form it chooses.

"All My Life"

Lil Durk Feat J.Cole

Pair together a new generation

icon with a hip-hop legend, and

you will get a heartfelt,

inspirational anthem that many

can relate to. Sharing his

hardships and challenges over

his career, Durk gives us a peak

into what he has overcome and

how powerful it is to take hold

of your own narrative.


Young Thug feat. Juice WRLD & Nicki Minaj

This chill track is another

modern-day spin on an oldie, complemented with catchy verses and a sweet hook. Highly anticipated after verses were linked in 2020, this track is definitely a vibe.

"Barbie World"

Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj Following their April 2023 hit "Princess Diana," Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice have done it again with "Barbie World." Featured on Barbie: The Album. Sampling "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, this track is for all the modern-day Barbz.


Lyrical Lemonade, Juice WRLD & Cordae

This second-to-last track offers modern-day bars with an old-school flow. As Cordae tells us at the beginning, this Enimem beat gives us our own blast from the past in terms of musicality and beat style.

Cupid (Twin Version)


Concluding this top 10 of hot trax for this summer, we give an honorable mention to a track that has been trending, and following us all since this spring. Whether it's the lyrics you relate to or the way the instrumental makes you feel, we will easily be enjoying this track for the rest of the year.


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