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shopping tips to avoid bad purchases

Inflation is on the rise, and now more than ever as a consumer, it is important to shop SMART not BROKE.

A good rule of thumb to practice when shopping is using the 80/20 rule. 80% of income goes towards needs and wants and the other 20% goes towards savings. By allotting an 80% budget based off of income this prevents people from making shot gun purchases. Utilizing wish lists can save items for when you have extra funds in the 80% to spend, and when you feel you want to reward yourself you can do so. The 20% is there for big purchases and in case of serious emergencies; so instead of having to take out additional funding, and if your bank account can not support the amount of the bill, you have a savings to fall back on.

Just because something is expensive or labeled at a higher price does not mean it is of better quality, same thing goes for affordable clothing websites such as SHEIN. The clothing is cheap because it is mass produced with inexpensive materials as opposed to other brands that may use better quality fabrics and more complex working practices such as Pretty Little Thing or a luxury brand such as Chanel. When you shop fast fashion you will constantly be purchasing new pieces, whereas if you invest in good quality classic pieces they will provide longevity. You make the choice on whether to shop quality over quantity or vice versa!

When purchasing clothing items always see if that item can be worn with other items already in your closet like dress pants this can help you be creative with statement pieces that you want to purchase!

Balance your wants and needs when shopping so that throughout the year you are keeping track of the money that goes out your pockets. Don't eliminate wants but make your needs a priority when shopping such as keeping up with hygiene products, skincare products, hair products, and keeping undergarments up to date.

Although inflation is steadily rising, it is still possible to be a smart consumer!

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