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Twerking Women on the Loose!

So this is what we’ve come to. It was reported earlier this week in D.C, authorities are looking for two african-american women who are accused of sexually assaulting a man. How might you ask? They were caught on a corner store’s surveillance video twerking on a man who was trying to get money from the ATM. The video shows both the women in somewhat revealing clothing dancing and grabbing at the man as he tried to make his purchases. The man seemed to not know the women and was just trying to go on about his day. Some may have taken this as a joke, but DC police are looking for these women and feel they should be charged with third degree assault which is defined as knowingly causing bodily injury to another person. It is also reported that if anyone recognizes the women in the video, they should report them to DC police. Do you think the women took it too far or are the police taking it too far? What are your thoughts?

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