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Apryl and Omarion not returning to "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood"

The "Hip Hop" Couple that seemed to be above all the drama has officially chosen to bow out of the drama! The couple, who did not attend the reunion taping, announced that they will not be returning to the hit show. In an interview Apryl said:

“We’ve never been worried about the ‘show curse’ because when we walked into Love & Hip Hop we were prepared for what they were going to put us in and they had a lot of respect for Omari and I. We knew we would be okay walking in and walking out.”

We also learned that Apryl is an aspiring artist. While another season would have been beneficial for her career, filming with two infants and trying to maintain a dramatic storyline where none exist could be draining. Apryl, said she’s currently in the studio trying to “find my sound”. Once she gives birth in March, Apryl said she’ll most likely release new music summer 2016.

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