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Drake: From "Diss" record to Grammy Nomination

Looks like Meek may be taking yet another L. Earlier the 2016 Grammy nominations were revealed and among this year's top hits was none other than the diss heard around the world. That's right I'm talking about Drake's track, Back to Back, his SECOND response to Mill's serious case of "twitter fingers" back in July. The song was nominated for Best Rap Performance. To make matters worst (for Meek at least), Back to Back is officially the first diss track to ever be nominated for a Grammy. According to Hot 97’s Ebro, Drake didn’t even want the song to be submitted for consideration in the first place. He wanted to focus on Hotline Bling... I wonder how that happened. Well I personally can't wait to see how this plays out. I guess until the Grammys premiere in February we'll all just have to head on over to Black Twitter.


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