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The Chiraq Controversy!

Spike Lee is notorious for his African American films that includes: racist, sexism, and violence. “Chi-Raq” is a new day reworked copy of the Greek play “Lysistrata”, with a twist of gang violence in Chicago, Illinois which featured several women refusing physical affection from their husbands as punishment for fighting in war. “Chi-Raq” is also the rap alias of Demetrius Dupree (Nick Cannon), who is the lover of Lysistrata (Teyonah Parris), and also the leader of a purple-clad gang known as the Spartans; their sworn enemies are the Trojans, led by “Cyclops” Natch (Wesley Snipes).

The names may came from the Peloponnesian War, but the scenery is present-day Englewood, Chicago, Illinois, where tensions blew up in a shootout one night at a crowded concert. But it’s not until an 11-year-old girl, Patti, is shot. To the devastation of her mother, Irene (Jennifer Hudson), until someone decided enough is enough.

Viewers Critiques

Spike Lee’s film “Chi-Raq has already gotten livid feedback from the audience. During the film’s press tour, the movie Chi-Raq” has been pinned by controversy ever since it began filming on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois last summer. The film has drawn its angriest criticism from Chicago residents who said it belittles gun violence and spreads a stereotype that the source of the city’s violence in its predominantly black neighborhoods.

Critics grasped on the chance to question his reasons and raise concerns about his representations of race, gender, and violence in Chicago. Spike Lee has not spoken upon the criticism yet.

What are your thoughts on Chiraq?

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