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Zendaya Named As The Newest Face Of Covergirl!

Looks like Zendaya is the latest beauty queen joining the COVERGIRL family.

The 19 year old triple threat just announced via Instagram that she will be the newest spokeswomen, joining the ranks of Becky G, Queen Latifah, Janelle Monae and more.

“Covergirl celebrates powerful, beautiful, and strong woman of different races and ethnicities. It’s inspiring,” she told Teen Vogue, “I’m thrilled to be part of the diversity and expansion of beauty.”

As a COVERGIRL, Z will be sharing beauty tips and inspiration (which I’m sure a lot of women will be excited about). Last week Z posted a picture and captioned that she “needs to start doing makeup tutorials”, which of course caused her fans to go into an uproar. “I’ve learned so much over the years,” she admits, “especially how to get the perfect color—there’s no such thing as a single color foundation. Sometimes I use at least five or six, even up to 10. Everyone has different tones.”

A little fun fact about our girl is that her favorite product of choice is eyeshadow. “You sometimes assume that because makeup is sold at the drugstore, the pigment won’t be as opaque. But they have bomb colors,” she revealed. “They even have dope colors that I haven’t seen in higher end brands. They are especially great if you wet them.

Tips like these and all the milestones she has reached thus far are what makes us all agree that Zendaya is a perfect choice to be COVERGIRLS’ next ambassador. We cannot wait to see the impact she creates with this huge platform.



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