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Kanye West Vs. Wiz Khalifa!

Yesterday, one day after announcing his new album "Swish" , Kanye west took to the gram to announce the new name of his album..."Waves". When Wiz sent a tweet about referencing "KK" Kanye took it as a diss to his wife Kim K. Another jab at kanye was some were not to happy about this switch including Wiz Khalifa who claimed that Kanye was ripping off of artist Max B. After reading Wiz's tweet, Kanye went on a rampage and it got really deep with Kanye even saying that he owns Wiz's child. Check it out below!

In which Kanye replied....

And then of course once you start something best believe Muva Rose will finish it..

And then the memes and tweets began.......

Move over Kim! Thats how you break the internet!


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