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Tyrese's Short Film to be turned into a Mini Series!

Last year Grammy nominated R&B crooner Tyrese Gibson the full visual for his hit song “Shame” off of his most recent album, Black Rose, at the 19th annual Urbanworld Film Festival. The 7-minute video was formatted into that of a short film, starring himself and Academy Award winning actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson. Shame chronicles the story of up-and-coming soul singer Lionel Jacobs (Gibson). Married to his background singer Bobbi Ann (Hudson), Jacobs tries to pursue his career dreams while battling drugs and alcohol on one hand and fighting to take care of his wife and children on the other. The picture was written by Gibson himself, directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Academy Award winner Denzel Washington. Tyrese later revealed that Black Rose would be his last solo album, however it looks like that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing any less of him. The short film was such a hit that three networks are reportedly bidding over its 13 episode series order. Everyone involved in the short film is set to reprise their respective roles. As far as which networks are involved in the bidding war and who will win in the end is yet to be revealed.

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