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Beyonce sues "FEYONCE" company for using her name!

According to BBC and numerous other sites, Beyonce is suing the Texas-owned company named, Feyonce. They sell items such as apparel, mugs, and trinkets that say “Feyonce” on them.

Beyonce is suing because she fears the brand will will ruin her own reputation and it is too close to her own name and trademark.

But, this is not her first run in with this company. Apparently she’s filed against them before they haven’t stopped yet.

In the statements that have been put out, they state that Feyonce is being accused of “trademark infringement, unfair competition, trademark dilution, among a score of there statutory and common law violations”.

You might be asking, how can Beyonce do this: well, she owns the copyrights to her sons and her likeness and “sells a range of products”.

She’s sued multiple other companies before, and just doesn’t want her name, images, or anything related to her being sold if it is not from her.

So far, there is no further comment from the newly accused defendant.


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