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Dj Khaled joins Beyonce's "Formation World Tour"!

Last minute Formation news! DJ Khaled will be opening for Beyoncé on her upcoming Formation Tour. Very high 🔑, WE THE BEST, etc etc. The social media mogul who moonlights as DJ and producer announced the news via Instagram, with a video in which he spliced himself into Beyoncé’s official tour announcement and a very, very long caption. Rather appropriately, DJ Khaled wears a sweatshirt that reads “blessed,” and boy does he seem excited. Khaled stated:

"When I was a kid THEY told me no when I wanted to DJ and perform in the club! So guess what, I did!!! OPEN FOR BEYONCÉ!!!!!! Fan luv we did it! We made on the stage with the Queen. Get ready to feel passion pain success and tears of joy in a STADIUM NEAR YOU!!!!!"

And No, DJ Khaled does not rap or sing or dance. But now that pre-show DJ set that was usually performed by some local radio host or an iPod will be handled by DJ Khaled. Congratulations, Khaled—MAJOR 🔑, indeed.


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