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Oprah Winfrey signs on to play Henrietta Lacks!

Henrietta Lacks was a phenomenal women AFTER her death for the sole reason of her body. Ms. Lacks had a small tumor in her cervix when she was younger, after giving birth and was admitted into John Hopkins hospital to get treated. While doing so, they took 2 samples of her cells without her knowledge. She ended up dying at the age of 31 due to to a poisoning of her kidney.

Even though she got her body examined later, for more scientific developments, without her knowledge, she helped so many people in the future. Her cells help developing the polio vaccine, gene-cloning, in vitro fertilization, and many more.

She has a cell named after her named the HeLa cell, which is an immortal cell line. Her famous cells have now grown to help tons of thousands of people today.

She has a book about her life, and now she will have a movie in her name. The star of the show will be none other than Oprah Winfrey. It will be filmed for HBO and Winfrey will also be an executive producer. It will of course, tell the story of the great Ms. Lacks and it will be told through the eyes of Lacks’ daughter, who will be Oprah.

Winfrey has been starting the develop the story since 2010, and we definitely cannot wait to see the result of the work.

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