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Tamar Braxton's Bestie Reveals Truth Behind 'The Real' Departure!

A friend close to Tamar Braxton is calling bullshit on "The Real" producers' claim that the singer's departure from the daytime talk show was a "mutual" one. "That was not a joint statement that's some shit y'all put out @TheRealDaytime Tamar did not agree to leave the real," tweeted Braxton's friend former assistant known on social media as @mrLdavis. Davis revealed that just two days before an official statement was released regarding Braxton's exit as co-host, producers emailed her team asking that they be kept in the loop about her happenings during the off season this summer.He also accused them of making the latest airing of the show (which he says was taped three weeks ago) appear as if Braxton was mad at the "leaked" stories that hit the Internet this past weekend. Sources claimed Braxton was a "diva" who was difficult to work with, and that she wasn't on brand to sales executives for the show.

"Tamar gave so much to your show. Didn't even properly promote her album because she was trapped on set all day...Then y'all leak rumors that she's a diva and not liked by the viewers," Davis wrote.

Davis refuted rumors that Braxton was a diva, claiming she was the only co-host who drove herself to work everyday. He also reminded producers of Braxton's near death health scare that caused her to miss shows. "The lady almost died and y'all showed up at the hospital talking about 'take your time'...She returned to set with tubs still in her chest draining her from surgery," he tweeted. "So don't be lying talking about joint statement and talking about she left to focus on her solo career cuz that's a lie." Davis said no one knew about Braxton's unexpected departure, adding that the cast just did a photoshoot for season three. "Why would she quit the real to focus on solo stuff when she been doing solo stuff all along her giving the real majority of her attention?" he added. "And then why not allow her the proper send off on the real like they do every other host on every other show? Exactly shade." Meanwhile, Braxton's former co-hosts Loni Love and Adrienne Bailon have since responded to the news via Instagram. Both ladies expressed their utmost love and respect for her.Bailon denied the claim that Braxton unfollowed her on any social media platforms, as previously reported.

"She absolutely unfollows me. NEVER unfollowed me. People are so dumb it's honestly soooo sad," she replied to a fan on Instagram. Meanwhile only time will tell the fate of this show!

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