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Mr. and Mrs. Mulphers have called it quits.

Tammy Rivera & Waka Flocka, aka Juaqin Mulphers, first got married in 2014 in an eloping ceremony. The two later celebrated their second year of marriage this past January but now it appears that they have called it quits. The abrupt split came as a surprise to some (and maybe not so much to others). Tammy first announced the news with a vague post reading, “Not everyone you lose is a loss…Unless it’s me then you f****d up”; accompanied by the nails and tongue out emoji followed by a response to a fan under the ShadeRoom’s repost correcting “Waka is lucky” to “was lucky”. There is no specific word on what exactly went down but recently there have been rumors of infidelity swirling around involving Waka and Chief Keef’s ex Simone Patton. Tammy and Waka, however, have both made it clear that their separation “had nothing to do with anyone” and that it was a “mutual decision”.

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