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JoJo Speaks Out Amongst Record Label Issues

JoJo is done playing games for her record label. Just recently, PopSugar sat down with JoJo and she revealed

some“interesting” news to them: She used to inject herself with weight supplements so her record label would be happy. Crazy right? Well, not really. A lot of recording artists find themselves in those type of predicaments when they are not what “society” wants.

When she first started out as a young, teen artist, she knew the risks she was taking but didn’t want to jeopardize her career for a mere image. She stated, “I felt terrible about myself and I was upset that I even subscribed to the standard they wanted me to be at.”

But JoJo isn’t a “society” pleaser. She dances to the own beat of her drum now.

She is now 25 years old and much better than she was before Mentally and physically.

She is now fighting against the stereotype of being what someone else wants, and just being you.

“I had to unpack some of the damage of the diet.. Being strong physically, mentally, and emotionally is really what I love.” as she explains how she came out of that dark cloud of opinions.

Don’t think that this all that’s happening though. JoJo is also releasing a new ALBUM in October of this year called, “Mad Love” and just recently dropped a single titled, “F***k Apologies”. We hope her message rings true to all young ladies out there, and we are proud of her for continuing to be herself 100% . Here you can watch the full interview with PopSugar.

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