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K. Michelle Gushes over new man and possibly pregnant!?

K. Michelle broke some major news over the weekend! Last night, the R&B singer took center stage at the Fox Theater in Atlanta where she announced several new surprises. For starters, she revealed she now has her own record label. But here's the real kicker! While on the stage, She also gushed about her new doctor boyfriend, whom she dubbed as Dr. Sims on Instagram recently:

In between songs, she started talking about how happy she is in her new relationship, finally leaving the “bad boys” alone. She said she found the perfect man and then dropped a bomb saying they “are about to start a family. So she didn't actually say she was preggers but the reality star didn't say she wasn't! But, if she isn't already, she's definitely planning on doing so. Congrats to her on finding love (again)! Check out her announcement below!

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