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Is Joseline Hernandez getting another spin-off?

Looks like Joseline may be cashing in on her pregnancy. The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess hinted that she may have another show in the works chronicling her pregnancy while leaving a Georgia courtroom. Joseline won a case against her ex Stevie J who unsuccessfully pleaded with a judge to extend a restraining order against her. While leaving the court, she told TMZ she and her baby are doing pretty well.

"One thing I can tell you is Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Tony did a great job on my case and I've been vindicated," she said. "Everything is negative and we won, so we [are] really happy about us winning, and me and my baby are super healthy and super happy."

After adding that she will definitely be back for season six of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she said she is heading to Miami for a "delivery special.

"You'll get to see Joseline Hernandez deliver her baby," she said.

Currently, there is no word from VH1 about a spin-off show, but it is pretty likely that the details of her pregnancy will be a large part of the show's next season. Will you be watching?

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