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Tyler Perry Fans Outraged By New Soap Opera

Television Network TLC is welcoming its first scripted series called Too Close To Home, Produced by Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry is a producer and actor who is known for his predominately African American casted Plays, Movies, and Television Shows. Fans were outraged and thought “Oh hell no!” when they found out that Too Close To Home consisted of a predominately white cast.

Earlier this week Tyler Perry was not afraid to speak his mind during his Tom Joyner Interview. “I’m so sick of people asking me why I have show full of white folks, what the hell? People are people.” Fans have seemed to forgot that his other soap opera Haves and the Have Nots consisted of a white cast. Perry’s new show is about a girl who grew up in a trailer park with a dysfunctional family, and is involved in a romantic political affair in her adult years. “It’s such a great show. I’m just asking my folks to watch it, too check it out, if you are not too prejudiced.” He said jokingly, “If Donald Trump can pitch to black people in an all white neighborhood, why can’t you watch my show?” Too Close To Home airs on TLC 9/8c.

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