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Did RHOA's Kandi Burress & Porsha Williams Really Get Into It?!

Last week, all over the internet, was alleged rumors that Kandi Burress and Porsha Williams of Real Housewives of Atlanta got into a physical altercation with each other. Multiple media sites were stating that Porsha was seen “running in the middle of the street and had a full-fledged mental breakdown”. But Porsha stepped into the “Shaderoom” and also spoke on a show she hosts on, Dish Nation.

Apparently, the team was filming at a restaurant in Atlanta, when something went down between the two. According to Tamara Tattles, it all went down after Williams was asked about how she was doing amid her “Bravo-appointed” anger management classes were going.

On Dish Nation, Williams dispelled the rumors on what really happened:

“No, we did not [have a fight]…There was a misunderstanding, that Kandi and I had. I can’t say whether this was on or off camera. It was definitely a misunderstanding, but no I didn’t have a [mental] breakdown. Sometimes, if you have a misunderstanding with a friend you disengage and go to your car and you leave.”

But thereafter, she posted a picture of them happy-go-lucky and it seems as though they patched up whatever was wrong.

I guess we’ll see what happens when RHOA airs, unless Kandi says something as well.

Got to love reality shows!

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