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Normani Kordei Is Back Online!

Back in August singer Normani, from pop group Fifth Harmony left Twitter due to horrific racist messages. Amongst the racist messages she received a photo shopped picture of her face on a lynched African American, and a tweet that referred to her as “Narmonkey”. In a letter to her fans Normani stated, “Hiding behind a computer and putting people down, especially for the color of their skin doesn't make you cool, it makes you a coward!"

Now Normani is back. She returned this past week and announced that she was partnering with Cybersmile Foundation. Cybersmile Foundation is a nonprofit that is aiming to get rid of online harassment. Cybersmile focuses on people abused online because of their gender, race, or religion and Normani is their latest Diversity Ambassador. Normani said in a statement “By working with Cybersmile I want to raise awareness of the support that is available to people affected while playing my part in contributing to a kinder and more positive internet for everybody.”

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