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Update: Kim Kardashian's Hotel Concierge Speaks Out on Robbery

Kim Kardashian’s hotel concierge speaks out on the robbery incident, and the details might horrify you. He did not want to identify himself, so he spoke under the name of Abdulrahman.

The investigation is still under the eyes of the investigators, but this is what Abdulrahman remembers:

He claims that he emailed his bosses, first and foremost, about beefing up security back in 2010, but no action was taken. There were no fully functional cameras, one guard on duty, and the room Kardashian was in only had one single lock… The night of the incident, he recalled the robbers coming in and impersonated police officers with hats and official badges to match. Once they entered the building, they approached Abdul to open the door, and as soon as he did, they handcuffed him and immediately asked for the security footage. At that moment, he knew it was a robbery.

He recalls them telling him to never look at them, and if he did they would kill him. Abdulrahman said that two of the robbers had guns. They made him open Kim K’s door and he begged them not to hurt her over and over. Once in, Abdulrahman states that he was in the room with Kim and that once they came in and said no words, Kim was terrified as she at first called out “Hello?”.

The robbers grabbed Kim from her bed, and she screamed out,

“Don’t kill me! I have babies, don’t kill me, please. I have babies! I’m a mom. Take whatever you want.”

Abdulrahman was tied up, off to the side, and once again pleaded for Kim’s life. The robbers stated,

“Don’t worry, we are here for money… Keep calm and all will be OK. Don’t move or make a sound.”

At one point he remembered Kim asking if they were going to die, and soon after Pascal, Kim’s long time bodyguard called her on her cell. Abdulrahman took that opportunity to “scare” them a bit, and tell them who he is. They then left with over $10M worth of jewelry.

As of right now, Kim only leaves the house if she absolutely has to and a source states that she does not know when she’ll make public appearances again.

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