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Mary J. Blige's Ex-husband Lingers to Bring the Heat

After demanding close to $130,000 a month in spousal support from his soon-to-be ex wife, her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs providing the courts of why he needs such a large amount of cash and how he plans to assign the funds to support his lavish lifestyle.

Ranging from maintaining a routine with a personal chef and trainers to having an actual clothing stipend and chartitable funds due, Isaacs have left us in shock.

$1,000 for clothing

$3,200 for a personal trainer

$5,000 per month for child support

$5,000 per month for his parents

$7,000 in rent

$8,000 for a private chef

$21,677 for charities

$71,000 for mortgages on several properties

Additional costs for legal fees

Total: $129,319

All of Kendu's requests are based on the finding that as Mary's former tour turned business manager/husband, he became familiar to the lifestyle that he and the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul experienced during their 13 year marriage.

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