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Sister Sister Reunion Could Actually Happen!

Fans have been begging for a revival, sequel, reboot (ANYTHING!) of the hit show since its final air date in 1990 and now, according to Tia Mowry, we can celebrate (or at least buy the supplies for the party).

Tia recently visited The Meredith Vieira Show and while there she spoke about the possibility of a Sister Sister reunion and her response was, "I would love to. It's all about timing. You know, I'm working on a show right now, and my sister, she's working on a show, so we'll see." Tia then added, "The fans they really want it, so we'll give it to them probably.” So there you are 90’s babies, we can all prepare to rejoice…hopefully.

Also in the interview Tia revealed a little known fact involving The Olson Twins. "My sister and I," said Tia. "We would actually baby-sit the Olsen twins." How cute is that! Speaking of Tamera she has previously stated her interest in a reunion on multiple occasions so…come on ladies!

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