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Bravo is Premiering "Married To Medicine Houston" !

Last season Bravo introduced "Real Housewives Of Dallas", and now the network has just announced "Married To Medicine Houston". Married To Medicine Houston premieres Nov 11th, and follows five doctors and doctors’ wives through the high stakes world in the society of saving lives. Per the press release, these wives and doctors appear to “have it all” but “major obstacles that threaten their upward momentum.

Ashandra “Shan” Batsistes: The “feisty” dental surgeon doesn’t go anyway without her 6″ heels (yes, that includes the operating room). Shan is divorced, but recently remarried to Richard, a medical device sales rep, and they are parents to Logan, 3, and Avery, 10. She enjoys working out, reading, and partying. “Nothing Shan does is average; she knows how to enjoy life’s luxuries and look fabulous while doing it,” teases Bravo.

Elly Pourasef: An audiologist with a private practice, Elly loves that her job changes lives daily, and is a self-described “workaholic.” She’s also marked to Ryan, who works in the automotive industry. An Iranian immigrant, Elly remains deeply connected to her Persian roots and is very close to her family. She also runs an event-planning side business that caters to Texas’ “elite Persian community.”

Erika Sato: A plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reduction, Erika has worked very hard to become competitive in the male-dominated field of cosmetic surgery. She’s newly married to Derek, who is completing his surgery residency. With their extremely busy lives they struggle to make time their personal life and also question whether it’s a good time to begin expanding their family.

Monica Patel: A “quadruple board certified cardiologist,” Monica comes from a very close-knit traditional Indian family and is dedicated to doing charitable work providing free health care to underdeveloped countries. Monica vacillates between balancing her serious doctor side by day and her fun-loving social side by night. She’s currently single!

Rachel Suliburk: The only non-doctor of the cast, Rachel is married to trauma surgeon Dr. James Suliburk. To fulfill her role as the ultimate doctor’s wife, Rachel is currently earning her Bachelor’s in Nursing, and the couple struggles to spend quality time together. However, when they do make time for socializing they truly let loose and are known for their lavish parties and unique home. Rachel is also active in volunteer work.

Can't Wait to see if this group of girls live up to the Atlanta team of Doctors and Doctors' wives!

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