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Patti Labelle Lands a New Cooking Show!

Singer, Patti LaBelle has just moved on past “Patti’s Pies” and has her own cooking show!

She has been awarded with her very own show that’ll be named, “Patti LaBelle’s Place” on The Cooking Channel.

What exactly will she bringing to the table, you ask? Well, it’ll be classic American dishes and of course, comfort food that originated from the South. Some of her favorite ones to date: crab cakes, roasted leg of the lamb with rosemary-lemon rub, sweet potatoes, and sauteed string beans with garlic.

Sounds amazing right? Well now you can follow along and have that for dinner yourself one day!

The series will have six 30-min episodes that will come to the big screen next month! And just like Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, she will have her fair share of guests as well!

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