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Amazon Launching Storefront in 2017!

We reported earlier this year that Amazon was thinking of a way to get a physical store, somewhere for its customers. Well, now it’s finally here! They named the store Amazon Go, and it is in the works to be opened to the public in early 2017.

The reason behind making this store a real thing is because Amazon producers wanted to create a way for shoppers to never have to wait in line again. Cool, right? In Amazon Go, you would use the app to enter the store, get what you came for, and simply leave. “No lines, no checkout” Amazon says.

We know you’re wondering, well how does that work? How will you pay for it? Isn’t that almost like stealing? Nope! What the engineers have done is make the shelves laced with computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. It will detect when something has been taken off the shelf, and keeps track of it in a virtual cart, we’re assuming when you leave back out with your app, and it charges your Amazon account. Boom. You’re done. So simple and neat.

At the storefront, Amazon reps say that there will be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options that are ready to take and eat, that are made fresh. What’s so special about that? You get extremely fresh food, and it’s made by their on-site chefs, and by local kitchens and bakeries. S everybody is pretty much winning! You can also get some groceries from your favorite brands you like from every day shopping and special finds as well.

Something else we love about this unique store is that they will also have some meal prep options available as well! They are “chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits”, and they’re equipped with all the ingredients you need to make your meal amazing, with TWO servings, and it only will take about 30min to make.

The store is currently located at 2131 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA and right now, they’re going through a Beta program for the Amazon employees. So for those who are in the area, be excited!

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