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Twitter Has Jumped on the Live Video "Merge" Broadcast

Guess who just launched another live video feed, where you don’t have to exit out of the app? Twitter. If you remember, Periscope stood alone at one point, and with Twitter, you could click the link to go to Periscope, but you had to have an account to watch it. Then they sort of upgraded themselves, and when you go live through Periscope, you could go through Twitter and be able to watch it as it was going on, and after it ended.

Now, Periscope and Twitter have merged together so you can just go live inside the Twitter app without having a separate account. Once you go live, anyone from Twitter or Periscope can watch, like, and comment on your broadcast.

All you have to do to go live is, go on Twitter to make a new tweet, press the “Live” option, and it’ll bring you to a place where you can frame your shot, then press “Go Live” and boom, you’re ready to go.

If you want to delete a video, you can, and people won’t be able to find it anymore.

Will you be using this feature?

To learn more about this new update, visit for more.

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