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"The Incredibles 2" is Coming!

Guess what? What you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

The “Incredibles 2”!

Just a week ago, Samuel L. Jackson posted a picture on Instagram of the recording studio with the caption, “It’s about to go down… First recording session for…. INCREDIBLES 2!!!!”

Are you excited or are you excited?! Because we are.

Even though Pixar has not released the cast for the Sequel, but we know Jackson will be returning as “Frozone”. We’re hoping that Edna definitely is the same voice as well! We’ll just have to wait…

There have been a lot of speculation as to what the film will be about: whether it’s the man at the end of the first movie or if Frozone will actually betray them.

But Brad Bird, the director and writer stated that he will be taking the sequel to another level but will still feel “homey”.

So far, it is being said that production is going along well and the release date is June 15, 2018!

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