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Vine Is Going Into a New Direction!

More than a month after announcing the app would eventually be shut down, Twitter now says it will keep a version of its app alive after it was planned on being shut down.

The plan is keeping the dominant part of Vine which is the camera alive. The current Vine app will "transition" to be a "pared-down" app called Vine Camera.

"With this camera app you’ll still be able to make six-second looping videos, and either post them directly to Twitter or save them to your phone," Vine wrote in a statement.

The app won't have a feed or other social features but it will allow users to continue to record Vine's looping videos.

The news should be a small relief to fans of the app who were upset over the news that Twitter would soon take over the app. Keeping the camera functional is a nice sign to the creators who the app.

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