Tika Sumpter is Now Engaged!


The beautiful, actress, and new mother broke the news on the daytime television show, The Real. The conversation came about with Sumpter speaking, and host, Loni Love noticing the ring on her finger. Love asked if she was engaged, and Sumpter just said yes!

It has been rumored that the actress has been dating The Have and Have Nots actor, Nick James for the past two years, and that’s also who is rumored to be her baby girl’s father as well.

When asked about how the engagement happened, she explained that it took place on Christmas Day. As Ella-Loren, her baby girl, was celebrating her first holiday, he was hiding a letter from her. When she read the beautifully written words on the paper, he then proposed to her, right then and there. Apparently, he couldn’t hold the fire inside for any longer and was just waiting for the perfect time to make the move.

On the show, you can see “the glow” and happiness all over Tika’s face, and we’re so happy she is going through this wonderful time. We can’t wait to see the wedding dress and engagement photos!