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"She's Gotta Have It" Reboot on Netflix

Do you remember the old-time classic, She’s Gotta Have It by Spike Lee? Well, a reprise is coming soon! Lee wants to give you all the same feeling from watching it the first time, but on Netflix and more tailored to the people of the 21-st century. And it’s not in “movie-style” either; this time it will be in a series with 10 episodes. That’s right. Get excited.

It is being said that filming is now done and the crew is getting ready for post-production.

A secret: Lee wants an original music to score the new series.

The storyline is set in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1980s, about a young lady named Nola Darling. Darling is dating three men at once, and with all three, she has a different bond with. Each one wants her to fully commit, but the free woman, enjoys just that: being free. In the original movie, when it said free, they made her character more open for sexual relations, but we don’t know what Lee will explore this time around.

With different themes already being taken up in great ways with movies such as Moonlight, Lion, and even lighter, but just as important movies, Before I Fall, movies with depth…real depth are in now. We definitely can’t wait for this release, and we’ll keep you updated for more news as it comes available.

Again we say: get ready for something amazing.

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