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Sophia Amoruso's "Girl Boss" Coming to Life in a Netflix Series

The term “Girl Boss” is widely used and known for a long time now, and we’d like to think it is all because of a book written by one of the most influential people in the fashion world. Sophia Amoruso. This girl boss, wrote this autobiography about how she created Nasty Gal and tips and tricks to get you through your internship, how to stay focused and build, and even how to get you your first job and a possible promotion. Now, her best-seller is a Netflix series!

The streaming service released the trailer for the 13-episode series this past Monday, April 3, 2017 and we definitely can’t wait to watch this come to life. Not only did she create such a flawless business with Nasty Gal, but she also made herself reputable by creating her media business “Girlboss” that even created a rally to encourage women to “network and share ideas” to help each other grow. The conversation is still a big topic on all social media handles, and we can definitely see this multimillionaire doesn’t give up easily.

The show is set to premiere on April 21, which is also Amoruso’s five year anniversary of her book. She is the executive producer along with Charlize Theron. From the trailer it looks like the perfect funny, Spring series to binge watch. Are you excited?!


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