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Star Wars Women Leads Getting Series on Disney

If you love “Star Wars” and you love the women who are the trailblazers behind the action, get ready for some great news. Disney is making a series called “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” that follows the untold stories that help make Rey, Jyn Erso, Sabine, Princess Leia and more, who they are.

This series is even getting a whole line of merchandise that includes but is not limited to: books, clothing, TV special, toys and more! This idea will of course, keep the validity of the original characters but bring in some new information that the audience possibly didn’t know about them before. The Star Wars series will be about two-to-three minute shorts will be uploaded and available on Disney’s YouTube channel this July, and there will be a TV special that reveals eight more episodes this Fall on Disney Channel. But guess what? That’s not even the best part for ultimate fans of the “newer version”

The actresses from the films are making a comeback and voicing their relative characters for the shorts!

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy stated,

“We’re big believers of that around here, and it’s great to see Disney embracing it this way—we can only hope they continue to do so, maybe with some increased efforts in the way of non-white characters (women of color in particular are hard to find on-screen in the franchise), while we’re on the subject of giving children a way to see themselves on-screen.”

Another big step for women in films!

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