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"Dear White People" Series on Netflix Coming Soon!

The critically acclaimed movie Dear White People was a comedy drama that focused on the racial tensions that were rising on an Ivy League university with its African American students. The original movie came out in 2014, but now Netflix has done it again. Yesterday Netflix released the trailer for their new series by the same name. The trailer started with a quirky disclaimer, “Warning: the following program is for both black and white audiences. And every other color imaginable.

Not much will change from the original movie, they’re still keeping some of the original cast

with a few changes to the major characters. Sam White and Lionel Higgins will now be played by Hit the Floor’s Logan Browning and DeRon Horton. Based off of the two-minute trailer the series will hit a lot of major issues like interracial relationships, being black and homosexual as well as, the pitfalls of assimilation. In the time we’re living in and the constant debate of should a black student attend an HBCU or a PWI, this series couldn’t have come at better time.

The series is set to release on Netflix with 10 episodes on April 28th. Watch below!

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