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Lala and Carmelo: Is this the End?

Carmelo, Lala; say it isn’t so. 2017 must be the year of marriage troubles. First, T.I. and Tiny are living in separate homes. Which by the way, their final season of The Family Hustle aired on Mon. April 17th and yes they were living in separate homes. Lord have mercy! Now the beautiful Lala and Carmelo are reportedly separated. The story broke Monday that the couple, who’ve been together for ten years now, are now possibly calling it quits. Everyone, hold on to bae because something is in the air.


Lala stepped out on Tuesday with pain written all over her face and missing her 20-karot diamond wedding ring. Lala and Melo married in June of 2010 after a five-year engagement. Rumors of Melo’s possible trade has reportedly put tension on the marriage. It’s even been rumored that Melo not only cheated by has a baby on the way. Hmm, don’t T.I. and Tiny have the same rumor circling around them? Insiders close to the couple say Lala has known about Carmelo’s cheating for a while now but tolerated it until now.

Lala is sure to have her power squad of friends there to support her in her hour of need. From Kim Kardashian West to mommy-to-be Serena Williams. Even fellow actress/NBA wife Gabrielle Union is there for her friend in her time of need. Neither Lala nor Carmelo have made any official comments on any of the rumors or filed divorce papers. However, an insider says, “They’re done” and “Lala no longer wants to fight for their relationship”. The couple hasn’t been seen together since January 2017.

Let’s hope this isn’t the end for this beautiful couple. More details to come when they emerge.

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