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Karlie Kloss Creates Coding Summer Camps For Girls

Karlie Kloss. Model. Spokeperson. And now, summer camp creator. Kloss spoke with USA Today about how she plans to open up summer camp opportunities in 10 different cities in the US for girls who want to learn more about coding. She’s a lover a coding herself and even attended a few classes before, and even made her own program, called “Kode With Klossy”.

She plans to allow over 300 girls, in the corresponding cities will be able to have a two-week long experience learning the ins and outs of web development and be able to create their own mobile app! Only requirement? Of course, apply and be between the ages 13 to 18. Kloss stated coding is like a “superpower” and that it’s important for women to feel there is a place for them in the business industry, and for them to be creative.

A woman can definitely be a pretty face and also a smartie-pants who wants to do something great with a supermodel, and even for themselves. A fun time for summer making something of their own is amazing. This is something that these girls can hold onto for the rest of their lives and even add to their portfolio or essays to bring a different side of them forward.

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