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Yandy Smith Could be Apart of LHH:ATL

Yandy Smith-Harris has been a Love & Hip Hop: New York favorite since Season 2, but could the Harlem girl be making the trip down south to Atlanta?

There are rumors that the she is planning on becoming a “Georgia Peach”. Now everyone is waiting to see if she will make it official and move to Atlanta.

The mommy-mogul discussed the rumors, confirming that she has set up shop in A-Town for her business, Everything Girls Love. EGL is a digital lifestyle brand that offers content in entertainment, fashion, beauty, health, and relationships.

According to Yandy, EGL’s new place of operations consists of a production studio, a green screen room, and a huge lot to build sets for movies. There’s also two recording studios and an office downstairs. While she’s on “hush-mode”on” whether or not she’ll be joining Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, opening such an elaborate office and her hesitation to deny the rumor leads us to believe it’s a possibility!

According to Yandy, you’ll just have to wait and see!

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