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Miami Nightclub, Pulse, to Become a Museum

June 12, 2016, one of the hottest nightclubs in Miami, Pulse, was filled to capacity with people of all race and gender relations. Through the night, music filled the air, the bass hitting off of every wall and ringing through the streets. Then, Omar Mateen, walked in and started a mass shooting. On that night, 50 people were killed and over 60 were injured, with Mateen being killed as well.

Now, being almost a year later, Barbara Poma, the club owner, wants the nightclub to become a memorial for the lost and a museum for people to come and “feel” what they remember from that night. Poma states that they want to “showcase historic artifacts and stories” at the museum, next month Orlando will have a “Orlando Love - Remembering Our Angels”, and they will have endowed scholarships for each victim who has passed.

Poma says, “This must and will be a healing initiative, one that I believe will inspire supporters who share our vision and understand the sacred responsibility to which we have been entrusted.”

She didn’t want to accept the City of Orlando’s plans to buy Pulse for $2.25M, and decided to do it as a community-based ordeal. With the help of the people, they will all “manage the funds, construction, and maintenance for the building, and also provide grants for the survivors.” She plans to have the memorial open by 2020.


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