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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Back on Screen

Indeed, it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood; After being permanently removed from the PBS daily syndicated schedule back in August of 2008, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is coming back to our television screens.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was a show like no other during its time and we all loved Fred Roger’s encouraging words mixed with his soothing persona to make our mornings go smoothly. He constantly reminded us that we were one of a kind and could do anything in the world if we set our minds to it, all while communicating with imaginary puppets and a trolley. two-five year olds were being educated by Rogers who would touch on subjects such as music, history, friendship, and life. At the 29th Primetime Emmy Awards in 1977, Fred Rogers was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his kindness in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

This past Monday, May 15, began the marathon of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on “Twitch”, a social video platform. The 18-day marathon ending on June 3rd, is a part of a campaign aiming to raise funds for local PBS stations across America. Twitch’s Head of Creative, Bill Moorier chose to air Mr. Rogers Neighborhood because of its positivity, as well as Fred’s close relationship to his viewers.

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