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Dark Tower Movie in Theaters Now!

A writer’s dream is for someone to love their work so much that they decide to make a

film adaptation of the novel. Stephen King has done just that yet again with the latest

installment of the Dark Tower series. The new movie, starring Idris Elba and Matthew

McConaughey, will serve as a continuation of the original novel series.

Idris Elba will play Roland Deschain, the last of a knightly order known as the

gunslingers. Roland is on a quest to protect the Dark Tower, an imaginary structure that

supports all realities, from the “Man in Black” played by Matthew McConaughey. Roland’s time had ‘moved on’ where nations have been torn apart by war, entire cities vanished and time doesn’t flow naturally. The film will combine all of the elements from the eight volume series that incorporated many different themes from dark fantasy to horror, in true Stephen King fashion.

It’s said that the series fans will know that the film is serving a sequel to the seventh

book in the series, The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower. This is a great year for King, with the Dark Tower coming out this Friday, August 4 th , and the remake of thriller, It, with Pennywise the clown.

The film experienced some trouble getting off the ground with numerous studios

dropping in and out of the project. It wasn’t until Sony Pictures and Media Rights Capital joined together in 2015 and agreed to do the film. It was revealed by Entertainment Weekly, that a TV series will soon follow the film. The television series will focus more on the back story of the whole “Dark Tower” world. The TV series is projected to release in 2018.

Be sure to check out The Dark Tower, in theaters now!

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