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Halle Berry's "Kidnap" Movie Review

Friday, August 4 th the movie Kidnap, not kidnapped in the past sense, was released in

theaters. Now, some would argue that Halle Berry is one of the best actresses of our time.

She did win the best actress for her performance in Monster’s Ball, but it’s highly unlikely she will receive any for her new film adventure.

In the film, Halle Berry’s son Frankie is taken from a park. Berry’s character "Karla" then

jumps in her mini-van and chases the car stating, “you took the wrong kid”. Mainly, she spends the beginning speeding down the highway screaming for people to call 911 while she chases the carol people who took her son. After a high-speed chase, a semi- fight scene, and a monologue from Berry; mother and son are reunited.

In recent reports, the movie did okay at the box office for its first weekend, bringing in about $11.4 million. This number equalizing to only half of the amount spent on the budget. But, the overall reviews of the movie were not that good according to Rotten tomatoes... They gave a low rating of 39% stating that the movie, “strays into poorly scripted

exploitation too often to take advantage of the films committed star.”

The Indie Wire called the movie the" worst of the summer" ranking in at a D- score behind the too, very low scored movie, "Emoji".

None of the action of the movie’s action is as engaging as it should be and none of the suspense is clever or resourceful says most critics and fans. There’s a scene where Karla runs out of gas in her pursuit and there’s no "real" way for her to get more but then, her problem is just suddenly solved; as producers do in most movies... start paying very close attention to even older animation movies, and you'll see what we mean. Even YouTube has a few videos where they point out these flaws.

All in all, it seems as though this was not Halle Berry’s best work and the movie could have been a lot better. Let’s hope her next project will be more eventful and crowd pleasing.

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