Maxine Waters and Reclaiming Her Time At All Times

Maxine Waters is one crowd pleasing woman. From her Sunday’s Best good wig, to the way she “claps back” at other congress men, she presents her arguments with much poise and class.

Last week many were hoping to find out what Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin had to say about the recent Trump and Russia issues, but just like every other debate we’ve seen from 2008 to 2017, people just can’t seem to answer the question full on.

Waters starts by of course, reading Mnuchin his rights and getting straight to the point,

“Why did you ignore my letter Steve?”

Back in May of this year, she requested information about Trump’s financial ties to Russian banks by sending a letter to Mnuchin in which she never got a response. So, like every other person who has ever been left on read, she wanted answers that Mnuchin clearly didn’t want to share. He went on to compliment Waters for her service in California, straying farther and farther away from the question at hand. That’s when Waters got defensive by her now, famous phrase of, reclaiming her time.

In other words, this is a congressional hearing, not a congress woman of the year ceremony.

Maxine had to “reclaim her time” a good 10 times and every time Chairman Hensarling would say, “the time belongs to the gentlelady from California,” Maxine seemed unbothered to Hensarling referring to her as that. Maybe it’s because she had bigger issues to take care of right in front of her, but some people didn’t like what he was referring to her as...

She has a name and most believe that if you refer to her, you should name her as congresswoman Maxine Waters from California, not a gentlelady. Making it seem as though she is not “good enough” for a proper title.

Social media has had a field day with Maxine’s “reclaiming my time” comeback; Creating funny memes and such. Even now, Maxine is the inspiration of a catchy new social media gospel song! The millennial-loved woman has also expressed her commitment to do everything in her power to impeach not only Trump, but Pence as well. Now This is a woman who isn’t afraid of anything or anyone who, as the Twitter crowd would say, “we must treasure at all cost.”

Maxine also made an appearance on The Breakfast Club where she talked about the hearing, hip-hop censorship, and gun laws. When asked how can black people reclaim their time, Maxine answered, “we should have opportunities, we should continue to fight against discrimination, we should not be quiet.”

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