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"Ball in the Family" New Show Coming to Facebook

The Ball family has become somewhat like the Kardashians of sports. Or at least that’s what it seems like for some. Although the family has become the center of controversy, there is no doubt they are talented. With Lonzo joining the Lakers, and LaMelo and LiAngelo on the rise, their father LaVar’s loving, but problematic antics have simply led to an empire. To top it all off, the family is coming to a screen near you with their new show “Ball in the Family.”

Although the reality show will not air on a leading broadcast station, it will be showcased on the most popular social media platform; Facebook. With over 2 billion monthly users, the rising Ball brand will be sure to grow a huge following. “Ball in the Family” is one of many new shows set to appear on Facebook. The series will include 10 episodes, each airing about 20 minutes long. The reality show will show the day in the life of the Ball family. Although, the media usually portrays the father of the Ball brand, Lavar in an overbearing manner, “Ball in the Family” shows a sensitive side to him with interactions between him and his wife. As well as this, the viewers will get to see an inside look at Lonzo’s rise to fame in the NBA.

The first two episodes of “Ball in the Family” aired Thursday, August 31. Any Facebook users are able to watch the series. Be sure to tune into the “Ball in the Family” show page to stay up on the episodes.

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