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Don't Call It a Comeback: "Will & Grace" Returns!

The iconic sitcom made its triumphant return to the small screen this past Thursday. After over a decade of being off the air, the show made its return during Shonda Rhime’s TGIT block, replacing Scandal’s previous time slot. Will & Grace returned with the top entertainment show of the night. The NBC network released the news in early January that the show would be making a comeback this coming fall season. It was confirmed that the whole cast was onboard and would in fact be making a return as their respective characters. The now divorced Will and Grace are staying in his new renovated apartment.

While the show retains the its beloved aspects, it also brings some freshness to the table. Divorcees Will and Grace. It seems that politics is & will play a huge roll in the reboot (but with the state of the country right now are we really surprised)? The eccentric Karen, played by Megan Mullally, is revealed to have voted for Donald Trump. Jack, played by Sean Hayes, is as at a crossroads due to his love for Karen. Titular Will, played by Eric McCormick, is at the opposite end as he has voted for Hillary Clinton. Last but not least, good ole Grace justs wants to make the smallest effort that will leave a big impact, which she does when she takes the opportunity to redecorate the Oval Office. Of course, Karen is friends with none other than Melania herself.

There was a bit of controversy in the first episode due to its strong political focus and digs at white feminism in America. Grace wants to make a change but she doesn’t really want to do anything, she’s so against Trump but when she is given the chance to decorate the office it takes her a millisecond to decide to finally do it. Although, one could say she does exactly that by leaving a hat in the office that says “Make America Gay Again” a play on Trump’s awful slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Other than that, the gang has picked up right where they left off. It’s as if that dreadful finale from 11 years ago never even happened.

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