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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: S4 Reunion Recap

An Unexpected Attack, A Relationship on the Rocks, and A Cast Member says Goodbye

Season four of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood wrapped up this past Monday. As usual, They closed out with their reunion, which was hosted by Nina Parker. It ended with some resolutions of relationships,but also, opened up a whole new can of worms that already has viewers ready for another season

As Part I of the reunion finished, we thought there might have been a light at the end of the tunnel for Misster Ray and Zell Swag. But as Part II of the reunion opened, it was quickly proven that this surely was not the case. Zell Swag approached Misster Ray offering a hug, and as he got right in front of Misster Ray, he attacked him, and a physical altercation ensued leaving Misster Ray bleeding by the face. Zell Swag was then escorted out of the building for the rest of the taping. Many of the other cast members like Teirra Marie said “I can’t even be around him now, that wasn’t cool,” started to rethink their relationship with Zell, as they did not support what happened.

Brooke Valentine and Bridget Kelly’s friendship didn’t seem as though it would continue- as if we really were invested in it from the beginning. Brooke and Bridget both talked about how they were in situations with each other’s significant other, and Bridget said that besides the kiss with Boobie, she doesn’t think she did anything wrong and does not feel guilty.

Besides the drama, there was actually some music showcased on the show (finally! It is called Love & HIP HOP.) Keyshia Cole closed the show out with a performance of her new single from her upcoming album titled, 11:11 Reset. The performance showcased her talent, and had a 1920’s bar vibe to it.

Season five of the franchise will not appear until next year, but to keep the viewers ready, Love & Hip Hop: New York will be premiering next Monday at 8 p.m.

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