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5 Podcasts Giving PoC The Voice We Need To Hear

Podcasts exist for us to listen to in times of need, boredom, or relaxation. There are podcasts on almost everything ranging from economics to entertainment. In the over-saturated world of Podcasts, it sometimes can be hard to find what you’re looking for, and especially if you want the hosts to look like you. But, if you’re lucky (which you are, because you’re reading this) you can find some really good ones that give people of color a voice.

1.The Read

We all love pop culture right? We can all agree that sometimes, celebrities are just stupid. Hosts Kid Fury and Crissle have no problem telling them about themselves! It’s a comedic pop culture podcast that will for sure have you laughing the ENTIRE time.

2. Two Brown Girls

Two Brown Girls is a pop culture, film, and television podcast hosted by writers and critics Fariha Roisin and Zeba Blay.

3. Neck of the Woods Blogger and social media influencer, Freshalina invites listeners to hear her take on all things pop culture, coming from a southern woman's point of view. The show is a weekly wrap up of all things in hip hop ranging from the good and the bad.

4. The Friendzone

Mental health in the black community is often times brushed over. The Friendzone covers all things mental health, mental wealth, mental hygiene. Why? Because nobody wants a musty brain.” - Dustin Ross. The show is hosted by Fran, Assante, and Dustin, and they often explore many different syndromes that we all may face as a whole and help us get through it.

5. Another Round Another Round is hosted by Tracey and Heben who are two black women who work at Buzzfeed. On the show they cover all things race, gender, and pop culture. If you’re a new listener, they have a strange obsession with asking guests on the show about squirrels, you’ll get used to it.

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