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Cardi B Being Sued

Superstar rap artist Belcalis Almanzar, better known as Cardi B, is being sued for 5 million dollars for plagiarism on her album cover. The mystery man featured on Cardi B’s cover is outraged by the use of his image without his consent. Kevin Brophy, who has been confirmed the man behind the mask, was very disgusted with his discovery. A close friend of Kevin was the first to notice the resemblance of his friend on the cover. With the distinguishing marks on his back, it wasn’t hard for him to recognize that he was the man with the tiger tattoo. Brophy claims he never signed off on the images usage and has never posed for a photo with Cardi, but how is he in this position?

For a person who has never met the rap artist, this is a very personal position don’t you think? The album cover made for a very awkward conversation with Brophy and his son. This added more strain to the situation at hand. Cardi B is rumored to be releasing a new single featuring singing legend Beyonce Knowles. The money she gets from the new single could probably help her in ties in this lawsuit. Until then Cardi B and her Management team will be fighting this battle in the upcoming weeks.


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